Social Media: 11 Tips to Make Love Online

    By Susan Poirier | Small Business

    Social Media: 11 Tips to Make Love Online image Social Media Make Love OnlineSocial Media: 11 Tips to Make Love Online

    After following each other for some time, I spot you across the crowded room, we exchange glances, knowing there may be some kind of opportunity for deeper engagement. I offer a needed service you have been craving. Something you have been interested in for a long time, but didn’t know where to begin.

    Walking toward me, your heart begins to flutter, a tweet leaps from your mouth and we begin our conversation. 140 characters seems sufficient to open the floodgates for an evocative dialog. The thoughts are burning in your mind, the excitement is rising, the potential is looming.

    No this isn’t a steamy bar scene. It is the meet and greet of social media marketing. We live online, showcasing our talents, character and desire for growing our businesses and networking in this universal kingdom of virtual reality.

    The enormous digital office provides us with the opportunity to connect on a global level; peeking into the lives of potential suitors, sometimes like a voyeur, getting to know them, a feel for their integrity, reputation, business practices, and authentic voice.

    We begin to make love online, in front of millions of people. You put your best self forward utilizing your bios, content, conversation and social channels – eking out a space for you and your company to shine in the eyes and minds of your audience; selling value.

    • We caress one another
    • Plump our plumage
    • Spruce our verbiage
    • Polish our online appearances to attract, retain and convert

    If you are looking to find a mate, you engage in the same behaviors. You aren’t going to dress like you are meeting the boys to watch football or sit around on a Sunday watching a movie. You strut your stuff in meaningful ways, demonstrating your prowess.

    Mama always warned me about bad touching and stranger danger but living and generating business in the social world requires we step beyond those old boundaries. We are bombarded daily with suggestions, tips and tools about best practices for designing the premium marketing funnel to reach our clients and tweak their interest. How to write, what to write, where we need to be, where they are and what they need. Landing pages, sales pages, e-newsletters, blog syndication, “plus” this, comment, like, give back or any other type of lubrication and enticement. You name it and there is a post about it.

    We need to touch them and several times before they will take notice. This is an acceptable practice now. The petting police won’t shut down your server, but instead commend you for your continued marketing efforts. Please, just don’t spam with uninvited assumptions, emails or unwanted correspondence. No one likes a stalker.

    Show and speak with passion. Dress the part but more importantly BE the part.

    “If you love what you do and have a sincere interest in those individuals that you meet along the journey, then not only will you benefit by your own efforts, but those you surround yourself with will be blessed with your knowledge and friendship” (@Dede_watson)

    Social media isn’t manipulation, deceptive promises or presentation of false intentions. It is something that shows your real passion and heart for entrepreneurship. Your drive to help others flourish.

    It is discovering the individual buyer personas, understanding their needs and offering solutions to their pain points.

    1. Meet them where they live and breathe
    2. Follow and appreciate who they are
    3. Truly comprehend what their businesses mean to them
    4. Be cognizant of their ideas
    5. Respect their business model
    6. Fire up your intuition about how you will help them
    7. Whisper strategy in their ear
    8. Caress their mind with explosive concepts
    9. Kiss them with helpful content
    10. Embrace them with service that leaves them breathless
    11. Drive home the opportunity for success and a productive, long-lasting partnership

    Remember, if you aren’t making love to your clients, prospects or associates, someone else will.

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