Smartphone-based intercom enables homeowners to see who’s at the door remotely

    By Tom | Small Business

    LaunchKey has already helped web users to boost their online security with logins verified on their smartphone, but what about security in the real world? DoorBot is a system that aims to replace the doorbell with a camera that broadcasts direct to homeowners’ smartphones.

    Created by tech developers Edison Junior, the device is a slim battery-operated doorbell that can be installed in the same way as a regular buzzer. Through a wifi connection, it is connected to the resident’s smartphone. When a visitor pushes the button, a video call is initiated through the DoorBot app, which the homeowner can either choose to reject or accept. After seeing that it’s someone they know – or after speaking to the visitor over the replacement telecom – they can then open the door. The system does work over a GSM connection, meaning that users can even answer calls when they’re not at home. Edison Junior has also partnered with Lockitron – the smartphone-enabled door lock – and has designed the DoorBot app with built-in compatibility, meaning that those with both can even let visitors in remotely. The video below explains more about the product:

    Edison Junior recently successfully reached its funding target on Christie Street, and the DoorBot is available to purchase for USD 189, or in a package with the Lockitron for USD 339. Are there other ways to harness the power of smartphones to keep consumer property secure?


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