Small Businesses Marketing with Text Messaging

Many large companies, such as Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds, have deployed successful marketing campaigns using text messaging. But you do not have to be a multinational to take advantage of this very effective marketing strategy.

Text messaging is also referred to as SMS, or short message service. Cellular phones that are equipped to handle text messaging and instant messenger clients for computers can receive brief messages that contain information from friends, clients, and even businesses marketing their products. In addition, be sure to read up on E-mail Marketing Basics.

Text messaging is gaining popularity as an advertising medium because it is relatively inexpensive and allows businesses to reach out to highly targeted consumers. Millions of people all over the world have the ability to receive text messages. Although the United States is somewhat behind in this trend, text messaging is quickly gaining ground in this country.

You can send instant coupons, promotional messages, and much more via text messages. When you write your copy for your text-message advertisement, you will need to keep it as brief as possible and get directly to your point. Learn more about the Art of Writing Effective Web Copy.

Having the ability to instantly contact potential customers all over the world is one of the best benefits of this marketing strategy. In addition, text messaging is a personal way to reach out to potential customers.

The first step in launching a text-messaging campaign is finding a company to provide subscriber lists and deploy your ads. Here are three of the most popular SMS/Text messaging services:

Simplewire offers a starter pack that includes everything you need included to kick off your first campaign. You can to add on additional units of subscribers or try the starter package to see how your first campaign does. Just create your message, and Simplewire will handle the rest.

Skymo, based in UK, offers US access in addition to other countries across the world. Their rates are in pounds sterling, which means exchange rates can work against U.S. advertisers. is also based in Europe, and they use the Euro to calculate their fees. PSWin charges no setup or subscription fees: just select the number of subscribers you would like to reach, and you are charged per subscriber. There are no minimums, making this a great service for smaller companies.

Whether you plan on mounting a large text messaging campaign or whether you want to start small, there are plenty of different resources available for small businesses interested in this technology.

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