Sixty Years of Road Trips [Infographic]

    By Brian Wallace | Small Business

    The 1950s was the era of road tripping. In 1941 more than three million cars were manufactured in the United States, but production came to a standstill during World War II. Throughout the entire war, only 139 cars were made. Post war production levels picked up, and in 1950 the U.S. produced over eight million cars. That was more than 75 percent of the total cars being produced worldwide.

    The golden age of road trips came to a halt, when post-WWII prosperity gradually ceased. More and more women were also entering the workforce, making the idea of a road trip inconvenient.

    More recently, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 drastically changed the way Americans choose to travel. In 2002, traffic deaths exceeded the number experts had anticipated because more people chose to travel by road. Today, air travel has become more expensive and more uncomfortable. Fed up with extra fees, and exorbitant price tags, Americans are reverting back to their old ways.

    Before hitting the road, check with your insurance company to see if you have to purchase additional insurance for a road trip. Also, find out if your insurance covers additional drivers, and if they offer roadside assistance.

    Check out this infographic from to learn more about the history of road tripping, and pick up a few tips before you head out.

    Sixty Years of Road Trips [Infographic] image road trips 6002Sixty Years of Road Trips [Infographic]
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