How Simple Messaging in B2B Marketing Speaks Volumes

Business-to-business marketing has a tendency to use overly verbose and complex language to seem more professional and compelling. However, when talking about your brand, you don’t need to impress your audience—you just need to relate to them.

How Simple Messaging in B2B Marketing Speaks Volumes image FULL blog b2bHow Simple Messaging in B2B Marketing Speaks Volumes

Here are a few points of consideration in how simple content can be more appealing to an audience—and how it can improve the overall messaging for your brand.

Simple content is less congested

It’s natural to want to say everything about a brand. From values and mission to services and products, we feel the more we mention, the more our audience will be convinced. But this is not always the case.

On average, your audience only has enough time or attention span to engage with 20-28% of the content.

The key is to highlight the most important and compelling aspects of your brand—who you are, what you do and why you do it. Anything else should be seriously considered as to whether it helps enhance those three main messages or just acts as unnecessary filler or fluff.

Simple content is more relatable

The true essence of your brand can easily be hidden underneath unnecessarily complex content. This can also make your messaging seem like it’s either trying too hard or being disingenuous.

Instead, speak in the way your audience does. And if your content seems too complicated for everyday conversation, consider revising it.

Simple, more conversational messaging creates a sense of transparency, allowing your brand to show through in a way that your audience can understand.

Simple content is more engaging

According to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth, the average consumer engages with ten or more pieces of content before making a buying decision.

However, consumers have neither the time nor attention span to decipher complex, verbose messaging of one piece of content, let alone ten. They want it fast and easy to understand.

This is especially important since today’s consumers use content more than ever to be more informed, and they want to share this knowledge with their peers. Therefore, you should want your content simple enough to be transferrable by word-of-mouth—without losing any main points in the process.

Creating simple content isn’t easy–from finding the conversational tone that’s best-fit for your audience to pairing your messaging down to the essentials without losing the essence of the brand. However, your brand will benefit in the long run if the messaging is easier to understand and more relatable to your audience.

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