This Simple Equation Can Solve Any Social Media Crisis

    By Jacky Tan | Small Business

    This Simple Equation Can Solve Any Social Media Crisis image social media 224This Simple Equation Can Solve Any Social Media Crisis

    Social media crisis is the stage where the public has spread many negative remarks about your organization on social media such that it can affect your company’s image and reputation badly.

    Whether it is a small business or a large international brand, all kinds of businesses have been “killed” by social media crisis.

     Companies need to manage social media

    This Simple Equation Can Solve Any Social Media Crisis image control3This Simple Equation Can Solve Any Social Media Crisis

    Social media management is needed in order to solve or prevent any type of social media crisis from happening. It has nothing to do with technologies, it is not about how good we are at using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin and such.

    Social Media Management is more than that

    Social media management is about managing people and real relationship. People on social media, are real people and therefore, you need to find the right way to win their trust and confidence. Fanciful and expensive ad campaigns may not be able to help one achieve that. What we need to know , is how we cna apply simple equation that I termed as “Earning social plus.”

    The Equation:

    Social Plus > Social Minus = Good Social Media Management


    Social Plus < Social Minus  = Poor Social Media Management

    Social Plus and Social Minus

    A social plus refers to anything that is positive about your  brand. For example, it can be a page or post like on Facebook, a satisfied customer comment on social media, a thank you note, a good press and things like that.

    A social minus refers to anything that is negative about your company. For example, criticism or negative customer feedback on social media, bad press about your company on the internet, customers complaint or employees airing their dirty laundry on social media and so on.

    Solving a Social Media Crisis

    Social media crisis is probably the result of poor social media management. This is where your brand allows to many social minus; moreover, the impact of the social minus is so great that it magnifies instantly with hours.

    Hence, to solve such social media crisis, companies must acknowledge their mistakes, and start increasing their social pluses to the level that is more than that of their social minus. In this way, the public will be able to regain their trust and confidence back on the brand again.

    Case Study: Impact of a Social Plus

    This Simple Equation Can Solve Any Social Media Crisis image m azhar krispy kreme3This Simple Equation Can Solve Any Social Media Crisis

    From the screenshot above, we can see that this consumer (Mohd Azhar) wants to eat at Krispy Kreme again after seeing the video of Jackie Braun deeds on youtube. It seems that this consumer used to dislike Krispy Kreme due to whatsoever reasons that is not stated on this Twitter screenshot.

    The youtube video, created by blogger JiaJiang, shows how Jackie Braun accepted the blogger’s request in making an Olympic shaped donuts for him.  He was expecting a rejection but somehow Jackie has surprised him with the Olympic shaped donut!

    When the video is uploaded on Youtube, it creates a viral effect of social pluses on social media. Krispy Kreme’s Facebook page is suddenly flooded with positive comments and likes. Such incident makes Krispy Kreme becoming one of the best brands in the world overnight; something that is hard to achieve even with a million dollar advertising budget.

    In ending

    Creating social plus should be the priority of all brands today. Creating social plus is not spending money on advertising. Creating social plus is about good customer service and care and that is it!  So, create that social plus today!!

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