The Security Threat Lurking in your End-Of-Use Equipment

ITAD is an important process for companies of all sizes and in all industries to properly plan for. If you use equipment that stores data of any kind, you need to have a solid data security policy and program in place to not only address security issues while the equipment is in use, but also to manage those assets when you’re ready to upgrade or replace them. If you need evidence on why this is so important, just take a look at these real-world examples!

Data Security Threats from Old Equipment Is Real

Without an ITAD plan worked into your data security policy, sensitive information like company financials or customer credit card numbers could slip through the cracks. A UK University conducted a study that found that 37% of 350 used hard drives bought online, at retail outlets, or at computer fairs still contained sensitive data. They attributed this significant number to the increasing phenomenon of employees working on corporate data at home — a workplace trend that is still on the rise.

Still not quite convinced? Just ask the researchers who found top secret U.S. missile defense system data when they took a look at hard drives they’d purchased at various auctions and computer fairs. And if that’s not scary enough, maybe consider freelancers like David Burns, who routinely picks up hard drives from county dumps in search of old tax returns and personal information.

So long as there is a profit to be made from illegal sale of consumer data, your information security is at risk , which could result in hefty fines, and worst of all, losing the trust of your customers. The only way to make sure you aren’t the next data security breach headline is to establish and follow through with a secure IT Asset Disposition program.

Moving Data Security to the Top of Your List

Proper IT Asset Disposition should be a priority for your company (and Bloomberg Businessweek agrees). Before you come face to face with a threat that could have been easily prevented, set up a plan to get your company’s IT Asset Management policies in line with your company’s data security policy, and make ITAD a priority. Being proactive rather than reactionary will ensure a better return on investment and better data security.

Instead of waiting for a data security issue to present itself, your best move is to proactively establish secure data security measures that will protect your organization from the start. MPC makes your equipment and security a priority by providing confidential data destruction compliant to industry standards and backed by audit-ready, chain-of-custody reporting. MPC’s data security standards deliver high quality sanitization and destruction services to mitigate the risks of data breach when disposing, reusing or reselling your IT equipment. Give us a call today at 855-672-0255 to discuss your ITAD needs!

At MPC, we specialize in helping customers manage their technology equipment at every stage of its life.When a business needs to responsibly retire devices that contain sensitive data, MPC can guarantee complete sanitization or destruction through their NAID AAA certified processes, in conformance with industry standards including NIST SP800-88 and DOD 5220.22-M for confidential information destruction.

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