Search Trends Necessitate Mobile Ads

It’s predicted that mobile search queries will overtake desktop queries by 2015. And if consumers are moving toward mobile, so are marketers.

In contrast to the seemingly speed-of-light level adoption of social media and apps on smartphones, search seeped into our lives a little more slowly. It’s as if consumers begin to realize “Oh yeah – I can Google it on my phone!” (Almost similar to the euphoria brought on by the introduction of “football on your phone”). Of course – like all genius revelations, the rest is history.

This year has been a digital turning point – over half of consumers in the U.S. now own smartphones and turn to them with a wide array of intentions. As businesses work to keep up with the various usage trends, many aspects of marketing – like search – are subsequently altering.

About 22% of search budgets will go toward mobile in 2013. According to eMarketer, this number will increase to nearly 60% within four years. It’s vital for marketers to improve all aspects of their mobile strategy as these changes hurtle forward in order to garner those clicks and increase traffic.

Search Trends Necessitate Mobile Ads image mobile search 1Search Trends Necessitate Mobile Ads

Search advertising will play a large role in that mobile strategy moving forward as well – ads need to reach consumers where they’re searching. Even those with first page rankings can benefit from running mobile ads, as proven by a recent Google AdWords study.

The mobile research study that found 88% of ad clicks from mobile search are incremental to organic clicks. This statistic demonstrates the value of mobile search ads – the majority of users would not click on an organic listing when the ads are paused. Therefore, everyone should be taking advantage of this important ad type. As shown below, the impact remains consistent in different verticals.

Search Trends Necessitate Mobile Ads image mobile search 2Search Trends Necessitate Mobile Ads

As mobile search usage quickly evolves, marketers need to keep up by way of mobile search advertising. If correctly optimized and implemented, these ads will not only ensure that you aren’t losing clicks, but will increase traffic and sales for your business as well.

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