How to Run a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

    By Apeksha Harihar | Small Business

    How to Run a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign image ID 10052697 300x199How to Run a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

    A successful Facebook marketing campaign does not have a secret recipe that only a lucky few possess. There is no set of ingredients that can be thrown into a bowl, and a dish rustled up. But, there are logical recommendations that, if followed, can bring about a successful campaign.

    If there is one factor that can transform a boring campaign to a successful Facebook marketing campaign, it is Innovation. Creativity will always be the one element that will get users interested in your brand campaign. There are other factors that I will discuss in this post, which can assist your originality.

    Tailor your campaign to attract the Young Crowd

    Identifying your fan demographics on Facebook is as important as knowing your customers when you create a product. Owing to the nature of a social networking site, it is most likely that your target audience is young. A campaign catering to youngsters needs a fun element, which is why it is not a surprise that many brands have been jumping into the gamification bandwagon. Campaigns should be associated with emotions such as surprise, achievement and challenges.

    Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

    Personalizing your campaigns is one of the most important steps in creating a successful Facebook campaign. Your campaign must support your brand message. For instance, if your brand targets women, like Maybelline or Lakme, and your campaign projects a message no girl relates to, your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, your primary concern should be to make sure your brand campaigns are aligned to your image and that it suits the nature of your audience.

    Personalization also denotes a level of interaction with your fans. Personal replies encourage users to participate further and encourage their network of friends to do so too. A big brand interacting directly with fans serves as a great motivating factor. It comes across as such a big brand is directly interacting with them, serving as a great motivating factor.


    Timing is everything in social media. The frequency of posting content, the time gaps in which the content is posted, as well as the time of the post are equally important to make your campaign successful. Research has shown that mornings and evening posts get more engagement than the afternoon ones. This would again require research to find out when your fans are most active. This can be figured out by trial and error, but make sure you are ready with this information by the time your big campaign is to be launched.

    Follow a regular pattern while posting on Facebook. Posting twice a day or thrice a day depends on your instincts. However, continuing that pattern will ensure your success.

    Go Viral

    How to Run a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign image ID 10036409 300x230How to Run a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

    Reaching out to as many users on Facebook should be one of your goals while running a campaign. Your campaign, in other words, should be viral in nature. Create an urgent need in the user to share your content, which does not mean you spam the user’s wall. Make content that is interesting and easy to share. Interaction and engagement along with spending some bucks will decide how viral your campaign went.

    Design and Content

    Content, as we all know is the king of social media. There are so many feeds happening at the same time that a user tends to miss out on your post, unless you are creative. Your content should be catchy and should definitely appeal to the fans. Shorten your writing skills and flaunt your designing skills on Facebook. You must have heard the saying, ‘A picture speaks a million words.’ This saying holds true on this image dominant networking site.


    Facebook is a great marketing platform if used effectively. What we don’t try to understand, is how to create brilliant campaigns that shout out our brand image. In today’s age we see so many duplicate of contests on social media, even with so much existing scope for original content. Differentiate your Facebook marketing from other brands and become an instant hit among your fans and their friends.

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