Romeo Montague: Master of Email Marketing

Romeo Montague: Master of Email Marketing image balconyRomeo Montague: Master of Email MarketingI’m often approached by businesses who’re struggling with their email marketing. They’ve seen the data on how effective email marketing can be (see here and here for example), but they just can’t get it to work for them.

Often the problem is that they’re modelling the wrong people. The get emails from Amazon, Groupon or The Gap and try to copy that style.

The problem is that 90%+ of businesses aren’t big brand retailers. Most smaller businesses sell high value products and services, and the kind of deal-based offer emails that big retailers use just don’t work for what we do.

Before our clients and customers are going to buy those high value products and services from us we need to have built up a high degree of credibility and trust. Just pumping out offer after offer doesn’t cut it.

Think of it like trying to romance your potential clients.

Budding Romeos soon learn that their best chance of wooing their Juliet isn’t to beat their chest and tell her how great they are. Or even to try to impress her with all sorts of feats of machismo. And Juliet especially doesn’t want someone who tries to “pop the question” on the first date (or every time they speak).

What Juliet appreciates is someone who genuinely cares . Someone who’s interested in her and does nice things for her. Someone who invests in building a relationship with her.

Think about your clients. Are they more likely to be like Juliet: looking for a long term relationship? Or are they on the lookout for a one night stand?

My guess is it’s the former.

So how do you “make like Romeo” and build relationships with email?

Well it depends. Your Juliet may want to be wooed differently to my Juliet.

So you have to invest some time and effort into understanding what she’s looking for.

I know from experience that what my Juliets appreciate are short, bite sized bits of value. Hints, tips, ideas and opinions about marketing and sales that they can quickly read in 5 minutes and put to use.

They value openness. me being honest with them about what seems to work and what doesn’t. What I’ve tried and failed with as much as what I’ve tried and succeeded with.

And they also value interaction. They value me asking them questions and responding to them personally. They value being seen as individuals not marketing targets.

Maybe your Juliets are similar. Or maybe they’re different. The only way to find out for sure is to see what works.

Do I sell to my Juliets?

Yes, absolutely. If you just send chocolates and flowers to the one you love and never ask her on a date, you’re unlikely to end up as a couple.

But you have to do it with grace. And without a lot of chest-beating and self-aggrandisement.

So what about your Juliet? What does she care about? What would work to romance her?

And how can you do it by email?

Figure out the answer to those questions and you’ll have the key to making email marketing work for you.

And it all starts with realising that email marketing, like all good marketing, is about romance, not one night stands.

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