Rival Football, Beer, And The Supply Chain

What’s Football Without Beer?

I’d safely argue despite baseball being “America’s game”, the football industry could Rival Football, Beer, And The Supply Chain image 275023 l srgb s glRival Football, Beer, And The Supply Chainpresent a case for a first place tie. This industry started in August 1920, when fourteen teams from Ohio and New York got together to create what we now know as the National Football League (NFL). It’s now grown into a 32 team, 2 division empire worth $9.5 billion dollars.

During the months of August to February, we watch these athletes wearing our colors and fighting for the win to get not only the team, but the fans to the revered Super Bowl. Although that’s a great event to watch, unfortunately not everyone makes it. Luckily, there is one match up we all get to experience and that’s against our team’s rivalry.

Week Of: Monday’s here (or Tuesday) and you’re reeling from yesterday’s win or loss, but no matter what you focus on what’s to come this Sunday. Your mornings and bed time television are dedicated to Sports Center to watch film and hear the analysts predictions. It doesn’t stop there, you find yourself posting inappropriate things on your Facebook, trash talking in the grocery store to someone wearing the opposing team’s jersey. Basically, acting out.

Day before, you place your bets; obviously leaning towards your team. After you have those ducks in a row, you start to think about the tailgate. Friends decided on your place, check. You’ve got the food: buffalo chicken dip, pasta salad, chips – check, check, check. Then you think about beverages, and nothing goes together better than chicken wings, fries, and a nice cold beer.

“He was a wise man who invented beer” – Plato

Beer, the essential piece to complement game day. Whether tailgating in your home, like you plan to do this weekend, or at the field. It has so many “moments” tied to it. The celebratory clink after a TD or game winning field goal. It’s your “big kid bottle” you drink when you’re about to let out a “no no word” in front of the nuggets.

Beer isn’t just magically created, despite what you may think. The process to create an excellent draft requires a number of ingredients from a variety of suppliers. And when your beer is crafted by a global brand, there can be a large number of those mentioned suppliers.

And in case you didn’t know, beer is no easy thing to make. It requires hops that only grown in a certain climate, lots of purified water, yeast, malt, whatever flavorings you’d like to add on, and the list goes on.

But back to game day…

After you’ve settled on the friends and food, you walk down to your local beer store to grab a case (or many) of your favorite brew. You go to the freezer, there’s no there. So you think no big deal, I’ve got time, I’ll grab room temperature ones. Walk over, THERE’S NONE THERE!

Panic and dismay set in, you run to the clerk asking out of breath, “but where’s my brew?!” The clerk unfortunately shares your favorite brand has a poor supply chain management solution and didn’t accurately calculate their supply and demand so there won’t be a shipment for a few days.

This sounds like a nightmare, because it is. But there’s good news, one of the top brewery’s in the country is making sure you never go thirsty on game day with the help of some serious supply chain management.

And for your entertainment, here’s another:

Rival Football, Beer, And The Supply Chain image beerRival Football, Beer, And The Supply Chain

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