Take Responsibility – The Best Approach

Take Responsibility – The Best Approach image ID 100432961Take Responsibility – The Best ApproachI think if I had two words of advice for anyone, it would be this, “Take Responsibility”

Taking Responsibility will make you smarter. In marketing, I am connecting with some of the best people who understand social media and mobile technology. What I am finding out fromthese people is that they are taking responsibility for their marketing inititiatives and they are not relying on information from others. They are trying different techniques and learning how to best use these platforms and technologies. These people can tell me what works and also what has not worked. That is the key.

If you are in the process of evaluating a consultant or outside marketing entity to help you with your marketing initiatives; ask them what processes work and better yet, what have they found that doesn’t work. In both cases ask the qyestion why did it work or did not work.

Taking Responsibility makes you accountable. By being accountable, you will also be more transparent. If you actually think about what you are posting and the potential dialogue you could be initiating online, you will become more transparent. This is a good thing and people will see what you stand for.

Taking Responsiblitity will also help you focus on creating a good plan and having metrics to support your findings. Your job as a marketer is to know who your clients are and engage them and ultimately provide them with paid services for your company. By taking responsibility for your work, you will have a sense of pride and you will work to build revenues and client advocates for your business.

If you want to be successful, you need to take responsibility for your actions and stop listening for the best way to use social media or the best apps to build for mobile devices. Get out there and create your own success. It starts with you.

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