Yahoo Small Business attends Small Business Expo, San Diego

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(San Diego, California – September 27, 2019)

Yahoo Small Business opened its booth at the Small Business Expo in San Diego a roadshow tour dedicated to thousands of small businesses all over the USA. The booth showcased a comprehensive lineup of Yahoo Small Business products like Localworks, domain, hosting, professional email, websites, and more. These products have all been made to help small businesses start and grow their companies. Jeff Kobayashi, Product Marketing Manager at Yahoo Small Business, also spoke at a workshop highlighting current trends in marketing while talking about Yahoo Small Business.  The main products that Yahoo Small Business talked about were Website Builder and Localworks which both help businesses start and grow. Website builder is a service where Yahoo Small Business will work with customers over the phone and email to build a website for them. This is great for those who have no web expertise or are a team of one. Localworks is also a great product for the small business owner because they want to attract more local customers and streamline their online presence from a directory perspective.

Overall Yahoo Small Business had a great time in San Diego, and will continue to go to other small business expo’s in the future.  Check back here to find out when Yahoo Small Business will be in a town near you.