How To Free The Beast Inside: The Therapeutic Benefits Of Writing

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Writing helps Perspective

Writing helps Perspective

Writing is a way to help us keep things in perspective. When we write, we have only our internal critic to deal with. Whether journaling for personal reasons, or writing to share, we are able to unleash those pent up feelings. Some things we would never share with another living soul, as well as those things that bring a smile to our faces or a sparkle to ur eyes pour out onto the paper when we let go.

Getting your own story, in your own words, down on paper is a process that can bring you a great deal of insight and peace. You will learn a great deal by just by doing it. This is one of many cases in which the journey really is so much more important than the destination.

You probably do not think that your history is particularly interesting or full of adventure. However, your life story is important because it, like you, are unique. No one else would be able to write it as you can. Only you have the intimate access to your unique cornucopia of thoughts, feelings, and experiences! And, only you can see the true connection to who you were then, and who you are today.

Writing About The Past And The Present Can Be Therapeutic, Restorative, And Healing:

1. Writing helps you remember.

  • When you reflect on something that has happened in your past and start putting facts on paper, you will often be stunned to see that you will recall more and more details over time.
  • At first, you may feel like you cannot remember enough specifics to write the story, but, as soon as you begin, you will find that more memories pop through and just keep surfacing. In a sense, just by starting to write, you have “primed the pump.”

2. You will be able to reflect back on your childhood with adult, more mature, eyes.

  • You can use your adult knowledge and maturity to “review” your childhood.
  • Processing these experiences at this stage of your life will change how your see those early situations, and can change how you see things going forward.
  • This has the ability to bring healing, hilarity, or even just a sense of peace.

3. You can gain insight and correct errors.

  • Remembering now how you felt as a child will bring further insight into your own adult feelings and reactions.
  • New light is shed on your past when you write out your story.
  • You will experience some “aha” moments when you reflect on your past and record it.
  • For example, you might now come to see that even though you were afraid of your Aunt Sarah, she was actually a kind and considerate adult in your life. It was simply her size, loud voice, and demeanor that frightened you.
  • With newly found insight, you may be able to re-connect with some of the people from your past.
  • This new insight may also reveal why you react to certain situations and people the way you do. This may be an opportunity to view current, and past relationships, with new eyes.

4. Get a fresh understanding of your history.

  • When you reflect on your life and write things down, you can begin to understand more about your family, what your parents were going through, and what you were going through as a youngster.
  • Feelings of confusion about your past may dissipate and be replaced with deeper understanding.

5. Renew relationships with family members by asking for help.

  • You may want to tap into their memories to help you fill in details of past situations.

6. Learn to let go of old hurts and fears.

  • Using your adult mental and emotional skills to “go back” and see what happened in your life may help you resolve an old hurt or fear.
  • You will accept that you cannot change what has already happened and that it likely was not your fault because you were only a child at the time.
  • And, you can give yourself a chance to start fresh.

7. Re-discover and renew loves and topics of interest.

  • Recording your “memoirs” will spark memories of how much you loved a certain hobby, idea or person.
  • For example, perhaps you had an early love of painting and yearned to be an artist long ago. Recalling and writing about those experiences might re-engage your love of art. This may prompt you to visit a few art museums or stop at your local museum to take a few painting lessons to again enjoy one of the early loves of your life.
Journaling with Bits ~ Doc

Journaling with Bits ~ Doc

Putting together your own life story, past and present, can be a powerful experience with enormously positive results. And, let us be honest. There will also be some negative that will pop up. But, you come to your story with fresher eyes, a bigger heart, and a more mature and different mindset. All of these things can help you put, and finally keep, these things in their proper perspective.

And, it is not just writing. It is doodling, drawing, saving newspaper clipping, pictures, postcards, ticket stubs, match boxes, anything that helps you remember and tell your story. My friends call mine, “journaling with bits.”

The Kabuki mask map above, is an example. Here is another:

Journaling with Bits 2 ~ Doc

Journaling with Bits 2 ~ Doc

Consider writing to help bring the light of clarity into your life.

You deserve to live a life filled with insight, self-discovery, and passion, and writing on a regular basis can usher in all of those experiences.

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