Is Twitter Full Of Fakers?

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Is Twitter Full Of Fakers? image fake twitter accounts 300x300 300x300Is Twitter Full Of Fakers?At the beginning it was who could say the wittiest, smartest most engaging nugget of information over (and not limited to) 140 characters. Then it was how many followers you had, and more importantly who. Did they mean anything? And more to the point were they real? At one point Lady GaGa was leading the way until it was discovered that almost 90% of her followers were actually from fake accounts.

However it’s just not Gaga, Twitter’s own CEO, Dick Costolo, has a personal feed followed by 1.1 million people, with 31 per cent of those being fake. Among the influential political tweeters, President Barack Obama has a beehive of fake followers. According to – a twitter plugin that analyses how many of your Twitter followers are Fake, Inactive or Engaged – just 20 per cent of Obama’s followers are real people who are active users.

The main dangers of fake accounts for marketers are clear. Not knowing which of your followers are real or not makes it challenging to communicate with your real and active fanbase. The more active your follower base, the more likely they are to share your content. The second reason is there are a growing number of ‘Fakers’ out there.

StatusPeople describe these accounts as: “People who buy followers in a vain attempt to build legitimacy. ‘Look at me I have 20,000 followers, I must know my…’”

These accounts are essentially trying to play the system and it’s important for you to be able to spot them, and steer clear of them. Ultimately if you’re willing to lie about how many friends you have you are not a very trustworthy individual.”
The power of twitter for business can only be harnessed when we understand what tools we are playing with and how best to use them to understand both our competitors and market. Here’s a few of my daily must-have’s

Considered the number one twitter marketing platform, SocialBro helps users manage and analyse your community. It’s big pluses include ease of use and being a handy tool for influencer identification, optimal scheduling and targeting. It’s also great for analytics, providing detailed breakdowns of your twitter followers.

Twubs offers users a discovery experience. It helps identify real-time trends and insights. It helps connect users on passion points and creates a peer-to-peer network on shared interests through search.

Is Twitter Full Of Fakers? image Screen Shot 2014 04 27 at 19.36.48 300x183Is Twitter Full Of Fakers?RiteTag
RiteTag is no-brainer when it comes to being able to analyse the effectiveness of your tweets. It’s clever functiaonlity that helps users determine whether or not their content has any traction. It works as a browser plug-in for chrome and includes viral heat for sentiment analysis.

Whilst there is a wealth of tools out there, these are a good place to start if you want to achieve detailed analysis of both your current landscape and content.

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