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Thanks to technology, the world moves at lightning speed. Business done solely in an office is a thing of the past, and staying on top of your work in real time is essential to making your company a success. This rings especially true for those in internet marketing, and pushing your business forward on the go is as easy as having the right marketing apps, literally, at your fingertips.

Over five million iPhone 5′s sold in the first weekend of sales, and over 100 million iPads have been sold in the past two and a half years. Although many of these sales were for personal use, most successful companies are using the popular smartphones and tablets to do everyday business. In fact, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stated that 94 percent of Fortune 500 companies were using the popular iPad “in an official capacity.” With growing demands for these tools come increasing sales of apps, with over 700,000 available apps causing 35 billion downloads. 9.3% of apps fall into the business category, and your business can’t afford to be left behind as technology pushes the business world forward.

The Social Connection

  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram – We all know how to use these by now, but managing your social outreach on the go is easier than ever. Staying on top of what’s trending, and consistently engaging with followers is as simple as downloading the apps.
  • Hootsuite – Posting socially has never been easier, whether it be to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Timed posts and tracked feedback allow for quickly tracked and easily managed social media outreach. Figure out the best way to increase your traffic and see what’s working (or not working) through your social networking.

Marketing Material Creation

  • YouTube and iMovie – Over 500 years of YouTube videos are watched every single day on Facebook alone, so using iMovie to create worthy content and YouTube as an uploading platform can give your marketing tactics a real boost. Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research found that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, so if you’re not using video as a marketing tool for your business, you’re missing out.
  • WordPress – Having an engaging blog is a key element to boosting online presence and building your brand, but blogging requires consistent updating to be successful. The WordPress app allows for quick penning and posting, keeping your blog followers satisfied and loyal.
  • Piktochart – Humans are visual, and putting your information into an infographic has proven to be an excellent marketing tool. Easily shared and visually pleasing, creating an infographic on the go is simple with the piktochart app.

Business Connection

  • Skype – Many users find Skype to be a wonderful way to stay in touch in their personal lives, but Skype is also an excellent source for staying connected in your business life. Many interviews and meetings are held through Skype, and your busy life doesn’t have to slow down to have some face time with your employees, even if you’re out of the office.
  • Dropbox – One of the best ways to get your files and folders on the move. By storing your data in the cloud, you (and your team) can easily access your information remotely.
  • Podio – Working together from different locations is a breeze with Podio, allowing users to create workspaces and collaborate on specific projects. Being on the same page with your marketing team from afar is more than possible with platforms like Podio.
  • GoToMeeting – Gone are the days of conference calling. GoToMeeting allows you to hear and view presentations in real time, so your time out of the office can be more efficient. Meet quickly with your marketing team or with existing or potential clients. You can even offer webinars like we do at Vertical Measures, speaking on a different and relevant topic each month that your fans and followers will be interested in.
  • Eventbrite – Putting on an event, workshop or conference? Eventbrite is the most trusted and easy to use event management system out there. Plus, they have a free app where you can track your registrations, prices, etc., in addition to finding relevant events in your industry.

Financial Matters and Marketing Analytics

  • Paypal – The Paypal app is so simple, you’ll wonder why you ever dealt with cash or cards at all. Manage your online transactions quickly and receive instant receipts when there are payments or deposits in or out of your account.
  • Analytics Pro – This app provides quick, easy access to Google Analytics, allowing you to track your online endeavors and set up goals for your business. You can access multiple accounts and get clear visuals of your progress through logical graphs.
  • SEO Analysis Tool – This provides technical details about domains, and also offers tips on how to improve your own SEO ranking. And it’s a free app!
  • SEO Pro – An easy-to-use app that allows you to track your online ranking efforts, including your Page and Alexa rankings.

Marketing Tips and Tricks

  • Internet Marketing Speed – Staying in tune with the latest in internet marketing is made possible through several well-followed podcasts, such as Internet Marketing Speed by James Schramko. Learning from each other is valuable, and podcasts by the pros are a good way to stay in tune.
  • Marketing Online Live 2.0 – Another excellent podcast for internet marketers, by Alex Mandossian and Paul Colligan, podcasts are offered twice a month on hot topics in the internet marketing field.
  • Mashable – Another popular information site for those in social media, this app offers news and information for those who want to stay on top of trending internet news.

Keeping up with new technologies is half the battle in internet marketing, and apps are the best weapons in the fight. Many apps are available for free, while some can get pricey. Regardless of your budget, there is an app out there that can take your internet marketing endeavors to new levels…and all at the touch of a screen.

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