How Productive Were You Today?

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Measuring ProductivityThink about this question for a second or more.

Everyday, if you listen closely to people, they try and answer this question, and the answers are very interesting. They really say a lot about a person. It is a great interview question if you really think about it.

Here are some answers:

  • I discovered five leads today.
  • I attended four appointments with clients.
  • I was able to secure one new account today.
  • I answered 10 phone calls.
  • I did a lot of strategic planning today.
  • I had my review.
  • I was able to check off 10 items on my to-do list

Look at this list of answers. Do you regularly produce this type of effort each day? What does productivity look like?

For me, I think this question is very important. We all need to and want to work for some greater purpose or vision. It is apparent that if all of our thoughts about productivity are consumed in maintaining a record of our effort, then we have really missed the boat and ultimately we fall into that trap where we become less productive and more susceptible to distrations.

To turn this thinking around, it is imperative to have a plan. Last year, I focused on company projects. I would invest time in areas that I knew would make a difference in the company. These projects had deadlines and required others to participate in them. Going through the process of identifying company-wide procjets was really eye-opening to me and really showed me the importance of getting focused in order to achieve results.

This year, it is all about incorporating more vision into these projects. Where as, projects defined what we needed to do. Having a vision was telling me where we want to go. There is a huge difference! Creating a vision helps keep projects on track for a higher goal.

If you want to look at the strength of a company, look at their list of projects and ask them where they see themselves in the next couple of years.

How do you measure productivity in your current position? Do you see yourself adding value at your company or are you trying to show people how busy you are?

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