12 Tools for the 3 Cs of Content: Curation, Creation and Collaboration

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Thanks to the Content Marketing Institute’s report on 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, we know that 69% of marketers are creating more content now than they did one year ago. But managing multiple creation chains and collaborating with a number parties with different specialties can prove to be challenging for marketers in this ever-changing landscape. Below, we take a look at noteworthy tools that can help take the pain out of the process when it comes to the 3 C’s: curation, creation and collaboration.


Curata (who put together an even more comprehensive list): Content curation built off a self-learning engine that helps you discover relevant content then organize and prioritize it to deliver to potential customers.

Storify: A socially-driven platform that lets users create custom stories by pulling in content from multiple sources.

Feedly: A must-have for anyone who misses Google Reader and a seamless way to consume content from multiple news feeds, blogs and sources, then share to 15 million readers.


Wistia: A video platform that lets you turn passive viewers into active participants with calls to action and email capture. Add analytics to see what’s working, track engagement and optimize your video campaign for better results.

Thinglink: Add interactive rollovers to any image or video that can help tell a deeper story through additional content and product information. A fast way to increase engagement and link multiple pieces of content that are easily shareable.

Lookbook HQ: Kinda like Pinterest on steroids, this tool allows you to create visually stunning eBooks and storyboards that pull in multiple pieces of content while keeping track of leads as your capture them.

Qzzr: Digital quiz builder that lets you create interactive quizzes and capture potential leads quickly and easily. Beautiful interface that lets you tie in targeted offers, too.

Uberflip: So much more than just an eBook builder, this content powerhouse lets you aggregate your content into a single customizable hub. Finesse what each user sees by creating buyer personas and specific topics.


Little Bird: No marketer has to be an island. Use this tool to discover and recruit thought leaders and influencers in the categories and verticals of your choice to tap into larger audiences.

MindNode: A digital mind mapping tool that lets multiple users collaborate and share thoughts more intuitively. Simple to learn, fast to share and keep your team on the same page.

GatherContent: Centralize all content in development for easier organization and deployment. A great tool when building out CMS-reliant websites.

Divvy: A multitasking tool that pulls together content plans, schedules, calendars and deliverables to allow for faster publishing. You can even store potential ideas until your next team meeting to track future creative needs.

Of course, there are hundreds of other great ones not mentioned here. Which have helped your brand most?

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