Telemarketing Tips – How to Amp Up with Mobile

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Today’s business professionals are increasingly relying on tablets or smartphones for organizing work. Large and stationary desktops are no longer convenient for people update their status or check their mails on the go. However, the rise of online mobile isn’t just a trend for mobile enterprise vendors. It also demands innovation for promoting products and engaging prospects in your B2B marketing campaign.

Mobile marketing comes in many forms. You have SMS, app-based, and mobile web design. Since the desk may no longer be the go-to place to talk with your prospect, this channel is your only chance of getting their attention and scoring a call.

Telemarketing Tips – How to Amp Up with Mobile image Lenovo K900 Android Smartphone at Mobile World CongressTelemarketing Tips – How to Amp Up with Mobile

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Starting a mobile campaign is the easy part. The hard part comes when deciding how to move forward with what works. Many strategies that are meant for a mobile audience come with their own, small set of instructions:

  • Starting small with ads – Ads are commonly a beginner’s option. They’re often embedded on a lot of mobile apps. You don’t really need to go all out though and cover the whole screen. Do it too much and customers would just think of them as spam that had to come with the free tool. It can be enough to just leave a number and a catchy CTA (with perhaps a small coupon thrown in).
  • Staying connected – Mobile technologies have opened a lot of doors through which you can touch and engage prospects. Use social networks and mailing services to send another direct message. Optimize your newsletters in a way that will let them read it straight from their phone once they get the email notification.
  • Mobilized website – Updating your site these days would usually require a mobile version. Don’t depend on your default website for the obvious reason that they can’t properly open on mobile compared to desktop browsers. Mobile optimization not helps users navigate better but can be further set up with app-based integrations (and perhaps even live communication).
  • ‘App-ly’ Yourself – You can also provide app-based freebies tied with your products. They can be a simple tool for accessing shared data (Cloud storage apps) or a fully functional social networking app (like Facebook or Twitter). Large companies like Google have already taken the lead with mobile app versions of their many services like Google Search, Gmail, and Google+.
    Another example is the mobile version of Adobe Reader for those viewing business PDFs on the go.

Many of the above tactics touch on the essentials but it doesn’t mean you need to execute all of these at once. Slowly feel your way to determine what you’re lacking. Some companies have already developed an app that can act as a site browser, statistics loader, along with many other bells and whistles demanded by their target market. They don’t necessarily need a mobile site. Others find apps too complicated to develop and rely on traditional visuals and email. Remember, your goal is still to have a one-on-one conversation with a prospect. You just have to amp things up now that they’re not chained to their desks (physically at least).

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