We All Matter

2 min read · 6 years ago


shutterstock_264310208We all think we’re different but there are more similarities than differences between us. What is most universal is most personal. Most everyone:

-feels not fully understood

-is the center of their own universe

-wants to see what they own go up in value all of the time

-wants to be appreciated, to feel powerful, to appear clever or smart

-wants to be happy

-wants to make their children laugh

-has a dark side, a part of us the world doesn’t see

-in a time of trouble will assess their own exposure first then gradually the implications for their friends, their town, the social fabric, and their country

Reminds me of a friend who said to me, “Just like everyone else in the world, I am the smartest, have all the right answers, know what needs to be done, and am the best in the room….oh my, I almost forgot, I am the only one in the room!”