7 Weekly Tasks to Boost Your Personal Brand

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shutterstock_215461594Building a strong personal brand is less about large-scale efforts and more about the everyday ways you can make it happen. Take a look at just a few of the things you should be doing weekly to strengthen your brand:

Tweet. You should actually be doing this on a daily basis, but if you are having trouble dedicating time every day, take an hour once per week and schedule enough tweets to last until the next time you sit down. Any additional tweets you are able to post during the week are just bonus content.

Pin. Think Pinterest isn’t for you? You should really think again. The visual elements of Pinterest make it appealing in different ways than other social networks. You can pin everything from your products to articles and blog posts you’ve authored.

Facebook. You may be really good at uploading that vacation selfie to your Timeline, but how often do you post about your personal brand? If you have a separate professional page, you should really be sure it has new content every day. If you tend to share your professional updates on your personal page, you should add new content a few times per week.

Google. Google yourself, that is. Start with a basic search and see if there is any derogatory (or praiseworthy) third-party information out there about you that you were unaware existed. If you are often published or quoted, you should also do a Google News search on a weekly basis. You can even sign up for a Google News Alert of your name.

Blog. Make sure you are adding new content to your blog at least once per week to keep it relevant in the search engines. Create an editorial calendar for yourself that includes seasonal topics that could drive more traffic to your posts.

Follow up. Go back through your email inbox and weekly calendar and revisit any unfinished business. Not only will you have the satisfaction of crossing something else off your list, but it ensures that nothing falls through the cracks that would undermine your professionalism.

Endorse others on LinkedIn. Log in and give some cyber love to the people who you’ve worked with firsthand. When prompted, they will be more likely to click “endorse” for you.


Attend a networking event. Whether you head to a local Chamber of Commerce meeting, or a fundraiser in the community, look for opportunities to network in person.  Hand out business cards and get to know the people around you.

What is on your list of “must do” weekly personal branding tasks?

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