New Staging Features for Hosting 

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Here’s what you need to know. 


It may seem obvious, but your Yahoo Small Business website runs on computers: our servers. And just like your computer at home, sometimes there are updates available to these servers to improve performance, add new features, or increase security.


If your website uses advanced features like Perl scripting, PHP, and/or MySQL, those new software versions may change how those features work, or disallow them altogether!


The staging environment tool offers you a way to test your website in the upgraded environment in a way that’s visible only to you; your live site will not be affected by anything in the staging environment until you publish to production. That way, if your site is broken in the staging environment, you can make changes and test it again until it’s fixed; and once it’s fixed, you can publish your staged site into production, taking advantage of the upgraded environment while being sure your site is working as intended.


Learn more about this new tool here


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