Journey to the Centre of the Earth

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth image Journey to the center of the EarthJourney to the Centre of the Earth

You can watch all the documentaries about volcanic eruptions all you want, but still fail to discover what it is that essentially composes the Earth’s core. Sure, there are guesses about what is inside the Earth’s pith and fantastic renderings from writers like Joseph Roland Reul Tolkien and George R.R. Martin but there’s not so much you can learn more about the Earth because there hasn’t been the right technology so far yet to learn what is inside the Earth’s contents.

This infographic should still be your good introduction in understanding how much love you can give to the Earth and appreciation to how it has made your life a better life to live. You can learn a lot about the mathematical details of the Earth’s elements from this infographic, and still be able to not feel overwhelmed by how much information it contains. Learn more about the Earth now, and how and where it can get you when you dig the Earth to its other end. Start relearning the world with this infographic today.


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