Don’t Be a Bore – 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog More Interactive

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boring blogsIt seems like a vast majority of businesses that have an online presence these days have a blog and that’s a smart idea! Unfortunately many of these blogs are just boring. One long article after another. Blogs are a great way to connect with potential and current customers in a more intimate sort of way – but you need to be creative or you will lose the connection. It’s easy to share helpful information, images and videos, get feedback, and connect with your customers via blogging – but you need to make sure that you change things up a little every now and then – and keep your customers entertained.

Here are 4 ways to make your blog more interactive and not be a bore!

First off, a good way to engage readers of your blog is to have contests. You can ask your readers and customers to re-share or re-tweet a post, or like something that you have posted in order to gain more exposure, and then choose someone at random for a gift card, discount at your place of business, or some sort of company swag. People love winning things and it definitely ups the ante when it comes to engagement.

Polls and Surveys
Another thing you can do is use polls and surveys to get feedback and learn more about your customers. It can be for something related to your business, like “What are your favorite features of our product?” or “What can we do better?” or “What would you like to see?”. Or in a slightly different twist it could be something regarding your reader’s personal life, like “What is your favorite thing to bring to a barbecue?” or “What is your current favorite app on your phone?”. Either way, people like sharing their personal opinions, and it can be really helpful in gathering some feedback and information which can in turn help your business better serve your customers.

Images and Videos
The third thing you can do is to share some images and videos. These can be behind the scenes photos of a company event, a new walk through or promotional video for your product, or even something good hearted and humorous. If your image or video goes viral, it can really help get some exposure for your company. Just remember to use your best discretion to not include things which might be potentially offensive to your more sensitive clientele. Just like at a dinner party where you don’t know people too well, it’s best to steer clear of religion and politics!

Guest Bloggers
The final thing which can help grab the attention of and engage your readers and customers who check out your blog is to have a guest blogger. Although you know a lot about your business, a fresh and innovative way to look at the same sort of topics you generally post about is to have someone write a guest post for your blog. Unless you have friends who are bloggers or writers, this can be something which is hard to accomplish or even expensive, but I have a simple way to get some new guest bloggers on board – by using! On you can find co-marketing partners who are looking to share their content with you to have posted on your blog, and vice versa! That gets your business exposure on their blog for free and gets them exposure on your blog as a guest blogger. What is better that getting a fresh perspective for your blog for free?

Do you have any great tips on keeping a blog from getting boring? Let us know in the comments below!

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