Ethical wedding rings fund water for life, for two people

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The past decade has seen calls for heightened transparency between producers and consumers, as demand for ethical practices and materials increase. Companies — from large corporations such as Walmart, to cutting edge fashion brands such as Frietag — have been keen to emphasize the moral backstory of their items. Now, US jeweller Do Amore are going one step further, giving buyers of their ethical wedding rings a heartwarming epilogue — every ring purchased provides two people with clean water, for life.

Do Amore rings are made from 95 percent recycled precious metals — sourced by No Dirty Gold — and 100 percent conflict free diamonds, which adhere to the Kimberley Process — a certification system that prevents conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate diamond supply chain. They even come in a box made from recycled wood. The company pass on part of the profits from every purchase to who provide access to safe water in Africa, South Asia and Central America: each wedding ring sold funds clean water for life for two people, by co-founding a water well.

Are there other luxury brands which could afford to finance charity projects with some of their profits?


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