Beautiful stained glass window generates solar power

2 min read · 6 years ago



Solar panels may be an excellent, eco-friendly energy solution, but they are not particularly easy on the eye. We have already seen a more attractive option in the form of decorative indoor solar panelling from Finland, and now Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel has created a solar stained glass window: the Current Window is constructed from colored glass which can harness direct or diffused sunlight and generate enough energy to power small electrical devices.


The pieces of glass in the Current Window are dye sensitized solar cells which use the properties of color to create an electrical current — similar to how plants photosynthesise. The window comes with an integrated USB port in its ledge which the user can plug straight into. Since a larger surface area will harvest more power, Aubel envisions her creation being installed in public buildings such as libraries and schools — where a huge amount of free, sustainable power could be harvested.


Aubel has also created the Current Table and Energy Collection cabinet, both of which use solar glassware to enable the user to collect and redistribute energy using solar cell infused glass. What other products could adapt their design to make use of this technology?


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