Tiny sapphire disk enables eternal, fireproof data preservation

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This is part of a series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding.

The cloud is certainly an incredible platform for making digital files readily available and enabling remote, collaborative work. But there is an uncertainty about it that makes many consumers uncomfortable, leading them to maintain or return to analogue backups of their data. While an external hard drive is sufficient for many users, those looking for something smaller and more fireproof can now have all their data laser-engraved on a tiny sapphire disk called a Nanoform.

Made by French company Fahrenheit2451, Nanoform disks are one, two or four inches, and can store huge amounts of data — up to 10,000 letter pages or 2,700 pictures — at a miniscule size. The files are laser-engraved at a scale of 1/30,000th, onto a shock resistant synthetic sapphire disk, which is the second hardest material after diamond. Farenheit2451 claims that the data on the disks can be preserved for thousands of years. Users can access their pictures and text using a powerful magnifying glass, a digital microscope or a camera with a micro-lens.

Fahrenheit2451 are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring the personal Nanoform to market. Customers can pre-order a range of products at early bird prices, starting at USD 130. Are there other ways to make data storage more tangible and secure?

Website: www.fahrenheit2451.com
Contact: www.twitter.com/Fahrenheit2451

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