Guilt-ridden travelers can donate 1 percent of every dollar they spend to charity

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Holidays can bring into sharp focus the chasm between populations — those who can afford luxuries such as flights and hotels, and the disadvantaged people in the countries they visit. We have already seen GreenHotelWorld enable consumers to offset the CO2 emissions created by their travels, and now Travelty helps guilt-ridden tourists enjoy their holiday and contribute to charities at the same time.

Travelty is a travel agency which enables consumers to donate one percent of every dollar they spend on hotels, spas, activities and flights, to a variety of non-profit organzations. Their contribution, added to their total expenditure, will go towards social initiatives such as fresh water wells in Ethiopoa, music mentorships for foster children and homes from natural disaster victims. Travelty, which is launching soon, is working with thousands of NGOs around the globe and is inviting users to join for early access.

Are there other large expenses that could be integrated with automatic charitable donations?


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