How Consumers Are Responding to Data-Advertising [Infographic]

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HEADER - How Consumers Are Responding to Data-AdvertisingHow do you sell an intangible product out of a storefront that no customer can step into?


That’s one of the biggest fundamental questions behind digital marketing. Connecting the eyeballs (and then the dollars) with your brand has gotten both easier and more difficult as our digital world becomes increasingly layered and fractured. On the one hand, digital marketers have access to more exciting tools and communication channels than ever before. On the other hand… so do the consumers – and their attentions have fractured into new subsets that are difficult to classify and completely outside the scope of traditional marketing.

So, how’s a digital marketer to understand and target the ‘always-on’ consumer – a consumer that spends more than five hours a day online with an average 2 hours 21 minutes a day on non-voice mobile activities? CUBE recently explored an answer to that question in their new infographic, published at

What Does the Consumer Want?

  • Half of all consumers know that companies benefit from their data.
  • 61% of consumers under 35 are willing to trade their data for something (such as cash, discounts, rewards, etc.). Only 46% of consumers over age 50 can say the same.
  • The more hours a consumer spends on the web per day, the more likely they are to trade data for value.
  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers are interested in future technology that automatically filters content and messages so they only see or hear what they need at that moment.
  • And four out of ten consumers are happy to have brands track and analyze their data to optimize shopping and services.

In case you aren’t seeing it… there’s a theme emerging here! Most consumers – especially the younger, heavy web users – are onto data advertising… and many of them actually support it, if it helps them find better products and/or save money. A couple more stats from CUBE’s infographic:

  • Nearly two out of three are more willing to pay attention to communications that they know were sent to them with specific timing and context intentions.
  • Half of all consumers actually expect brands to know when that “right moment” is.

Of course, nobody wants to be sold to. 61% of consumers say they are much more willing to buy a product or service from a brand that delivers pleasantly surprising experiences. Over half of all consumers appreciate having a say in shaping products and services. And another half expect you to help them discover new products or services that meet their needs.

Data Advertising Is Good News for Brands
Consumers know you have their data, and many are okay with it. However, they want you to step up and provide them genuine value, service, and insight because of it. For brands who can creatively use this data to deliver incredible digital and real-world experiences, this is exciting news! Check out the infographic below, and tell me in the comments: how would you love to see data usage techniques improved to meet your customers’ needs?


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