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I was having lunch with a group of people last week and I heard someone mention that their son was looking for a job. So I said, “He’s on LinkedIn, right?” She replied, “No. Can people apply for jobs using LinkedIn too?” To be honest, I didn’t understand how she could ask me this question. She is on LinkedIn, and has a very nice profile.

Needless to say, I was a bit shocked after this conversation. I spend a lot of time talking to people about all the OTHER things you can do on LinkedIn besides looking for a job. But, since there are so many people posting content right now (just this year, posting content on LinkedIn has surpassed posting jobs), maybe there should be a little refresher in the Job section.

The first thing that is important is getting your LinkedIn profile all ship-shape. Take a look at our Profile Builder Guide and it will walk you through each section. A photo is someone’s first impression when they click on your Profile, so make sure it looks good. Your headline is the next thing that people see. You have 120 characters to use, so make sure that they best express who you are and what you do; not just your title.

Here is an example:

This is OK –

National Director of Marketing and Product Education

This is Much Better –

Owner, From the Inside Out | Clinical Nutritionist | Educator | Coach | Solutions for a Healthy Lifestyle

Make sure you fill out each section completely. LinkedIn makes it easy to walk through each area and fill it out.

You have the option to add videos or slideshare. We have added video to our summaries and it keeps the interaction going when someone lands on your Profile. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to reach out to you.

Next, you need to take a look at your LinkedIn connections. People say to us, “I have over 1,500 Connections.” That’s great, but what are you doing with them? You need to know between 90-95% of your network. Why? Because when you reach out to those Connections, you want them to respond. If there is a job opening at ARHD, I want to be able to reach out to someone who is connected there so they can get my resume to the top of the pile. So, take a look at your Connections. If you don’t remember why you connected with them, it might be time to move them along. Underneath each Connection’s LinkedIn profile picture is an arrow button. If you hover over it and scroll to the bottom, it will give you the option to “Remove Connection.” The removed connection will not be notified about this change, so feel free to clean house all you want.

Now, you are ready to pop into the Jobs section.

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There are some great filters in this section that make it really easy to narrow down your search. You can set your preferences by Location, Company Size or Industry.

Most of the people that I work with start with location. But, if you have the ability to move at the drop of a hat, go for it!

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Keywords are really important in your LinkedIn profile and when you are searching for a new position. You may need to play with this a little bit to see what works best for you. Industries sometimes have different ways of posting a position.

Once you find the keywords that work the best, you can begin to narrow down your search further using the search bar on the left.

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This is the point where your Connections become really important. I can search and find only the open positions that I have a first level connection to.

If I wanted to find out about a job at ARHD, I have three first-level connections, and 30 second-level connections that I could reach out to.

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After you click on the posting, you have the opportunity to learn much more about when the job was posted, how many people applied, and what % you would be in the pool of applicants based on your LinkedIn profile.

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When you scroll to the bottom it will show you similar jobs that you might want to check out.

Follow up is another important step. Lots of times you can see who posted the job and you can reach out to them through LinkedIn. Anything to get your name in front of them again. Recently Erin Miller, our Recruiter here at Intero, commented that she is a lot more likely to notice a candidate if they’ve followed up on an application with a LinkedIn inMail. Lots of people may be applying for that position so you need every advantage you can get.

Whether you need a job, are recruiting for a position or sharing content, LinkedIn is a powerful tool. It changes frequently, so put some time on your calendar to spend in LinkedIn each day. You never know; someone could be reaching out to you for help as we speak!

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