Five Ways B2C Marketers Can Utilize Mobile App Features For Lead Generation

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Five Ways B2C Marketers Can Utilize Mobile App Features For Lead Generation image Smartphone MarketingFive Ways B2C Marketers Can Utilize Mobile App Features For Lead GenerationI hope by now that everyone has at least considered how a mobile app can be used for lead generation or customer retention. It can be scary to pull the trigger on such a steep investment without having any history of ROI. And unfortunately not many developers share their stories – good or bad. Admittedly it’s scary, but an app that’s relevant and useful to your target audience can become a powerful vehicle for lead generation.

The first thing to consider is what content you can put in an app that will attract your target audience. Not just relevant to YOU because they won’t download something to listen to you talk about yourself. What can you share in an app that would be relevant to THEM? This should be the easy part. For example, if your business is a ski resort, maybe you build a skiing game where users can win points toward hot chocolate or discounted tickets to your resort.

So you give your target audience a reason to download. Now you have downloads – and this is that part where I see marketers fall short. How do you generate real business out of these downloads? Here are some features you want to consider pre-development for lead generation:

Geographic Location

Smartphones always have a pretty good idea where they are. GPS functionality provides precise coordinates to any app that asks, and rougher location data is always available from the cellular network. This information is useful not only in behind-the-scenes analytics; it can affect the behavior of an app – and your customers – in real time.

Say an app user is running errands downtown. Your retail shop on Main Street might not be on their agenda, but the app can pop up an alert of today’s sales when the phone gets within a certain distance. Suddenly the user has both an opportunity and a reason to stop by, giving you extra business in the process.

Push Notifications

Traditional advertising is becoming less effective. That was true in 2012, when it was less effective than in 2010, when it was less effective than in 2008, when it was less effective than in 2006. See a pattern?

Push notifications can put marketing content literally in customers’ hands and pockets. Instead of waiting for brand recognition to slowly sink in, marketers can send push notifications through an app at key times and places to precisely target likely spenders.

Email Log-ins

We already know email marketing can be effective. That’s ROI we’re fairly comfortable with, right? The tough part here is your target audience is more and more hesitant to divulge email addresses, and with good reason.

This is where an app comes in. Having users create an account in your app that includes signing in with an email address will allow you to expand your database and drive future business through email marketing. From a user perspective this is a positive reason to give you an email address. Having an account should allow the customer to personalize his or her experience with the app, so it’s a win-win.

Loyal Users

Convincing users to download and use mobile apps requires compelling functionality and advertising of its own. But once those users are yours, you know that they’re more loyal than the average consumer – and that helps you get even more users.

An engaged app user is worth tons more than someone who downloads once and never again opens it. Engaged users share the app and its content with friends, either in person or on social media. That word-of-mouth exposure is essentially free, micro-targeted advertising from a highly trusted source. Engaged users encourage friends to download the same app. They will also be more likely to positively participate in surveys and requests for your feedback, which will help give you third party credibility for new business.

Mobile App Analytics

Five Ways B2C Marketers Can Utilize Mobile App Features For Lead Generation image AnalyticsFive Ways B2C Marketers Can Utilize Mobile App Features For Lead GenerationGetting an app downloaded is just the beginning. With an analytics package built into an app, the developer can gather valuable information about how the app is actually being used: when and how often it’s opened, how long it’s used, on what devices the app is installed, where they are, and more. Some of this is valuable information you can use in both your mobile and traditional marketing strategies.

For example, maybe you find that a significant chunk of your target audience is downloading from a certain geographic location. Knowing that information could open up other local lead generation activities in that region.

Because analytics are programmed right into the source code of apps, gathering data happens automatically. It’s then viewable as charts, graphs, and spreadsheets for marketers to analyze to their hearts’ content.

Mobile apps can be extremely effective in generating both short- and long-term leads. By leveraging the many capabilities of mobile devices, your app can increase the number of leads delivered to your doorstep on a continuing basis – bringing in more customers, more revenue, and more success for your marketing efforts.

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