How To Keep Your Team Happy And Productive

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How to Keep your Team Happy and Productive

Efficiency in B2B marketing depends on three factors: effective strategies, infrastructure, and personnel. But while some businesses focus on investing for the best marketing automation software and applying better tactics for their lead generation and appointment setting, it remains important to maintain the productivity of each team that composes one’s marketing and sales operations.

Personnel management  is not solely an exclusive human resources issue since it affects the business as a whole. And since a business is an organic composition of autonomous entities with unique tasks, managers should see to it that each part is productive enough to secure the organization’s efficiency. If an employee doesn’t meet his or her obligations, the team will likely fall short of attaining its goals and that of the entire enterprise. For instance, if a telemarketer who fails at achieving his or her cold-call quota for the week, the business is deprived of securing B2B sales leads, translating to lost revenue opportunities.

For the past years, executives are finding solutions on how to improve personnel productivity. Incentive schemes are the usual ways to achieve this, but a report posted in proposes better approaches.

The report noted that, from a sample of 1600 professionals, 42% say that job satisfaction is    more important to them, followed by 25% who say they prioritize work-life balance. It also stated that despite a rise in pay, a majority or about 45% of the sample personalities decided to change employers, citing higher job positions. Salary increase trailed second at 41%. Boredom is also a significant factor, with 30% saying they are unsatisfied with their current roles and are eager to take their responsibilities to.

So, what could be deduced from these figures?

SimpleMore than salaries, happiness is a crucial factor in keeping team members productive.

Rather than relying solely on incentives, businesses should also emphasize the recreational needs of their personnel. Longer break hours and a refurbished office space can be good options to liven up the team. Other effective ways include an absence of micro-management and a reduction of corporate meetings.

More importantly, executives need to consider individual talents. It is possible that workers with a track record marked by years of competent service would eventually lose steam and decide to move on to “greener pastures.” This amounts to a great loss on the part of the business, so it is essential to prioritize deserving individuals for higher positions in the company. Doing so will have far-reaching and positive consequences, especially for one’s lead generation and appointment setting campaign.

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