Creating A User-Friendly Mobile Experience

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In the past, companies only had to worry about providing an experience to their customers in their stores, but today, due to the rise of technology, this is no longer the case. As our society continues to adapt to the technological advances and the massive amount of customers using smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, businesses are also having to adapt to the way they provide their same customer experience, but on a mobile platform. Here are 8 tips that could help your company create a successful mobile platform experience:

1. It’s all about the customer

Each customer has unique habits and preferences and has a variety of options ofCreating A User Friendly Mobile Experience image computer11computer technology to use including smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Provide a consistent user interface that guides customers through your mobile process using simple and easy steps.

2. Brand integrity is not negotiable

The process of buying a product begins with a need or desire, and ends when the customer walks out of the store with a product or gets it delivered to their doorstep. The brand is responsible for moving the customer forward through this entire process in the most pleasant way possible. Make sure your company is committed to full integration with the brand experience, consistent with the tone, flavor and other qualities associated with your brand.

3. Never jump through a hoop more than once

It is very important to have a deep respect for the customer’s time and attention – make the process of using your company’s mobile interface as effortless as possible. Ensure that you collect information only once in the way that is most familiar and convenient for the customer. Work hard to surprise and delight customers with the speed and ease of your process.

4. Simplify the complexities

The underlying technology to creating a mobile platform is extremely complex and depends on the integration of vary diverse systems and databases. Bring order to this complexity by providing a very simple interface for integration in the web and retail checkout process.

5. Security best practices

Only collect information that is absolutely needed for your company’s mobile process. Retain or share this information as little as necessary. Make sure you have solid agreements with top quality vendors to ensure that your commitment to security is shared among all parties involved in the process.

6. Consistency through technical diversity

If your company supports a wide variety of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Kindles and Blackberry devices, as well as desktop systems, aim to provide a simple and consistent user experience across all platforms. This will not only simplify the customer experience but also makes the brand integration quick and effortless while also reducing the need for technical support.

7. The best customer support is no support at all

Through product design and extensive usability testing, your company will be able to anticipate all areas where problems or hesitation may occur. This will eliminate difficulties and guide the customer fluently through the process and also result in a fast and delightful customer experience and reduced support expenses. It also allows your company to put in the appropriate level of effort to solve the consumer’s problem and bring the customer back on track to a delightful experience on those rare occasions where specific help is needed.

8. Continuous, incremental improvement

With a clear vision it’s easy to constantly move forward, knowing that each innovation and improvement brings you closer to your company’s ultimate goals. Be dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas ranging from software development to partner integration and customer service. Over time, the culture of aligned small improvements yields large results in the form of innovative solutions, maximum efficiency and an optimal customer experience.

While there are many more practices that your company may need in order to create a successful mobile platform, hopefully these 8 tips give you a head start in reaching your customers! Good luck!

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