Content We Love: Grabbing Attention Above the Fold

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A study by Chartbeat which looked at user behavior across 2 million web visits over a one-month period found that most people who clicked on a link did not read the content, and that 55% of web-surfers spent less than 15 seconds on the page. The key takeaway for PR and marketing pros is that anything “above the fold” of a webpage must catch the viewer’s attention almost instantly to get them to keep scrolling. Considering the fact that web surfers are less interested in reading text, the most immediate way for content to have an impact is through captivating imagery.

An example of great “above the fold” content can be found in the National Park Foundation’s recently multimedia news release titled, “15 Winter Wonderlands In Your National Parks.” As the Northeast continues to brace freezing temperatures and snow storms, it’s hard to remember whether there is anything enjoyable about winter. However, the National Park Foundation turns the negative attention surrounding winter weather into a positive media opportunity for winter vacationing.

A snapchat I received while writing this post

A snapchat I received while writing this post

What could have been an ordinary paper brochure is transformed into an interactive microsite that is available online for travel junkies conducting research for their next destination and customized for maximum reader engagement. Without having to scroll, readers viewing this MNR by the National Park Foundation are instantly met with:

  • A brief, newsworthy headline paired with a click-to-tweet subheading
  • A related call-to-action to download a free guide
  • Several photo options for media to use and for vacation seekers to refer to as a guide

After scrolling further, a bulleted list of destination suggestions as well as the National Park Foundation’s embedded Twitter feed keeps the reader interested. The National Park Foundation proves that even if internet users aren’t inclined reading, visual storytelling can still help you get your message across. Congrats on a job well done!

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