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A Few More Reasons Why You Need Landing Pages On Your Site

Thanks to the popularity of the World Wide Web, the majority of your current and potential consumers have the ability to find out everything they need to know about your company from your website. Your website can do everything from inform them about how you started out as a company to providing goods or services to them with the simple click of a mouse.

However, your website isn’t the only one these people will be visiting. In fact, the majority of web users will visit around 89 unique domains each month. That doesn’t even begin to include the different web pages from each site, which is well over 2,000. When setting up your company’s website, you should seriously consider adding several landing pages to improve conversions by up to 48 percent or more.

To ensure you’re convinced of the benefits of landing pages, we’ve come up with a few more reasons to include them in your website layout.

Capturing Consumer Information

If your first thought is to direct website visitors to a homepage when they click through a link on Google or an ad via Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

When people visit your website, it should be set up to bring them to a targeted landing page that can capture the information necessary to stay in contact with these potential buyers. The pertinent information you should cultivate from their interaction with your landing page would be their name, email address, and possibly even their phone number. Unless you’ve already seen success with a mailing list, asking for their home or business address isn’t necessary.

Landing Page Form Examples

Obtaining this information up front will allow you to still reach out to them even if they don’t make a purchase or request of information on their first visit. This actually isn’t rare since the vast majority (approx. 96%) of first-time visitors aren’t prepared to make a purchase. Your landing page will give you the information you need to convince them overtime via email and phone contact to come back and purchase your products or services.

Success In Numbers

While you may think that one landing page is enough for your website to get the data you need for the conversion rate you want, you would be sorely disappointed. Don’t stop at two or three landing pages either, the more landing pages you have on your site the more opportunities you have to turn those contacts into leads.

Studies have actually shown that companies with 31 to 40 landing pages will be more than seven times more likely to get leads than those with just one to five while sites with more than 40 landing pages will see 12 times more conversions.

Success In Design

You can’t have a simple form pop-up demanding information from your site visitors and expect the leads to just roll in. There needs to be serious thought and care put into the development of a successful landing page:

  • When considering a title, make sure it is relevant to your CTA (call-to-action).
  • Put all of the content “above the fold” on the page.
  • Keep content short and sweet; leave the opening and closing paragraphs to around three to five sentences.
  • Use bullet points to direct the visitor’s eye to the most important value propositions.
  • Include an image that is relevant to your offer to draw in visitors.
  • Leave off the navigation bar of your site while visitors are on the landing page, as it can increase your conversion rate by upwards of 100 percent.

These landing pages you’re creating for your company site have the ability to make you a lot of money in the long run, so why wouldn’t you put a lot of effort into creating one that will bring you the most conversions?

To put it simply, money and success are the two biggest reasons why you need landing pages on your site. However, you can also garner long-lasting relationships with potential clients that might not have otherwise been developed without one.

Let us know if we can help you create a landing page that will bring you the money and success your business desires!

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