10 Stats You Need To Know About LinkedIn

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10 Stats You Need To Know About LinkedIn image li1.png110 Stats You Need To Know About LinkedInLinkedIn may not immediately stand out as the most exciting social network out there but it offers some very unique advantages that place it in a different category other than other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

What Makes LinkedIn So Unique?

In order to understand the special benefits provided by LinkedIn, lets look at some key facts / statistics about the company:

  1. LinkedIn Is Steadily Growing – LinkedIn is home to approximately 300 million users, and 3 million companies have Company Pages. On top of that, two new people sign up to the site every second.
  2. LinkedIn’s User-Base is Active – There are more than 2.1 million LinkedIn Groups, 40% of LinkedIn users log in to the platform daily, and there are more than 1 billion LinkedIn endorsements.
  3. Mobile Users Love LinkedIn – 41% of LinkedIn visits are made via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  4. LinkedIn Sends Traffic – Recent studies show that LinkedIn referrals were responsible for 2/3 of all social media traffic to business websites (64%); Facebook followed with 17% and Twitter with 14%.
  5. Users Love LinkedIn – 70% of LinkedIn users give it a 4 or 5 star rating.
  6. You Can Advertise On LinkedIn – LinkedIn lets you highly target who your ads/posts are shown to on the site, down to their profession, location, and even further. LinkedIn made $101.8 million in the first quarter of 2014 solely through their advertising plans and relations.
  7. Top Level Executives Use LinkedIn – 2.8 MILLION businesses have a LinkedIn company page. Many executives confirm that they use LinkedIn for networking with people and to promote their businesses.
  8. Hiring Managers Can Find Employees On LinkedIn – A large percentage of LinkedIn users are entry level employees using the web service for job searches. This creates a free and easily used index of capable employees, ideal for human resources (HR) managers.
  9. Google Is On LinkedIn – The largest presence on the website, Google has 2.7 million followers, 57,000 connected employees and is highly active on the LinkedIn platform.
  10. LinkedIn Is Great For B2B – Many of the top most-followed brands on LinkedIn are B2B. B2B companies historically benefit most from LinkedIn’s approach, since they require a higher level of professional networking to survive.

All of this data supports the fact that LinkedIn is a very powerful marketing and networking platform. If you are a business professional, entrepreneur, or marketing representative of a firm, there are many benefits to becoming a LinkedIn member and setting up a Company page.

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