How To Protect Your Social Media Data

    By Jen Cohen Crompton | Small Business

    Imagine If Your Social Media Data Disappeared

    How To Protect Your Social Media Data image 274908 h srgb s glHow To Protect Your Social Media DataMost of us sleep with our phones next to our beds. We may use the device as our daily alarm, and as we reach over to hit the snooze, we may already see some of our notifications that prompt us to get our day started and begin checking emails and, of course, our social networks.

    As you unlock your phone with sleepy eyes and start tapping through (maybe even with one eye closed), you might venture over to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to check out the overnight action.

    What if, as you tapped on your social media icon, you opened it, checked your own page, and realized that your updates were gone? Your entire digital personality was deleted and your personal updates didn’t appear – almost like you were never there.

    What if your Facebook page was rid of content ( updates, photos, what you did yesterday), your Twitterstream was missing all 140-character updates, and your Instagram account was void of all fancy food, family, friends, and furriness? Even if you could still salvage some updates, there is a good chance that tracking down all your content would result in many wasted hours and some could be vanished for life (or at least for now, only to resurface somewhere down the road when you least expect it). This would cause most of us to panic.

    So, what can you do? Is there a way to ensure that your social media self isn’t deleted and vanished and you can keep a record of your mindless/meaningful updates for revisiting in the future?

    Yes, there is a solution. It seems quite simple – backup your data.

    You should back up and protect your social media data, just as you backup your phone, your computer, and important documents. By backing up your data, you can keep a full file of your updates and never be haunted by the thought of your digital persona disappearing into the black hole of the internet.

    So, here are a few options that will save you if you’re ever deleted:

    SocialSafe is a software program that can be downloaded onto your computer and connected to your social media accounts (simply by adding your logins). Once you hit sync, the software pulls your content and provides a native backup stored on your computer. It provides a full scope of your status updates and photos, and even offers an option for searching through your updates by keyword and/or date (this can be great when you’re searching for one of your own updates that you posted months ago). A pro of this system is that your content is saved within the program and exists on your hard drive, so your information can only be hacked if someone hacks your computer.


    Backupify gained popularity two years ago when many gmail accounts lost their email history and users were looking for a way to save their email data. Backupify uses a cloud-based system to backup your social media content, all of your Google Apps, and other cloud-based programs such as Backupify will automatically backup your data on a regular basis (depending on which service you purchase), which is good for the person who forgets to run the backup. Most importantly, Backupify will restore your data if it is lost or compromised. The only could-be-con is that everything is stored and archived using Backupify’s cloud service, so if their systems are compromised, yours could be, too.

    BONUS: Both services can backup company social media brand pages.

    SocialSafe and Backupify (and others) can be compared for functionality and cost to determine which may be the more efficient solution for you, but either way, BACKUP your data to PROTECT yourself!

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