Promotional Marketing Basics

Marketing is made up of many different steps but promotions always triumphs the rest. Mostly considered the most fun part of marketing, promotions can be very challenging. Often promotions eat up a significant chunk of the marketing budget. However don’t assume you can just make a promotion and spend a lot of money and be successful. Strategy is very important when it comes to promotions, because the landscape is changing so quickly.

Every promotion requires two things the message you want to get across and the media vehicle you will use to distribute it. The message is the creative part of the promotion. Often these messages generate interest, raise awareness, and have a call to action. It is better to focus on raising awareness first then building interest. Choosing the proper media vehicle will depend on your target demographic. Both parts of the promotion need to work together in order for the whole promotion to be successful.

Media Vehicles:

  • Internet/Social Media
  • Direct Marketing (Sales/Mail/Telephone)
  • Press Releases
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Outdoor (Billboards)

Making a plan to develop, execute, and evaluate your promotional campaign will be a great place to begin. Clear goals and objectives will assist in making sure everything is going to plan and will alert you if you are facing challenges. Before launching a promotional campaign be sure to do enough research to factually back up any decision.

After the campaign there will be a lot of data that needs to be broken down. This data will help you determine if campaign was successful or unsuccessful. This evaluation will present strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for future plans. Each campaign, moving forward will be a benchmark for the improvement of both the products and promotions. Since media is quickly changing, it is important to stay up to date on current trends. You want to find the best way how to reach your target market.

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