Promote Your Blog The Right Way

Blogging’s three step process:

  1. Write blog.
  2. Post on social sites.
  3. Watch traffic and sales pour in.

What? It didn’t work? OK, you’re not alone.

You wrote something. You posted on all the obligatory social networks. But there wasn’t an increase in traffic, and there were no sales. Why?

This whole blogging and social thing works. But it may take a little more patience, persistence and strategy than you originally thought.

First, let’s assume that you wrote something awesome. It’s some of the best content that you’ve produced in a long time, and those who read it will absolutely love it.

What are some better ways to promote?

Build Real Networks

You know, the type that revolve around people. Are you talking with others about industry subjects, or their work? You need to stay active and involved and participate. If you’ve not put the time in, people may not care at all what you’ve written. It’s about being a good neighbor and good friend.


People are already talking about your industry online, it’s just a matter of finding them. Instead of simply dropping a random post and walking away, why not find the actual conversation? Join the applicable Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Talk with people in the right G+ communities. Participate in the Twitter chats about your subject.


Find the sites out there willing to syndicate your blog. This means that they’ll publish your posts along with others to their general, wider audience. This is a great way to increase your influence.

Guest Post

Do a Google search and find the most successful industry blogs, and pitch them for guest posts. This is a chance to get your name in front of a wider audience.

Email Signatures

This is a helpful opportunity to remind contacts about your website, blog and possibly most active social platforms.


Don’t forget about your in-person face-to-face networking opportunities. Don’t be afraid to tell contacts and customers about the blog post you wrote that addresses their issue.


People aren’t looking for the hard sell anymore. They’re seeking good, quality information from a reputable source. The way to establish yourself is through providing consistently awesome material and building stronger relationships. The megaphone mentality won’t work anymore.

What do you do to get your blog posts out there? How do you achieve a buy in from your audience? There’s a lot of competition out there, pretty much no matter what your industry is. What’s your strategy for staying above the fray?

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