Building a Product with your Customers in Mind

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    When we talk about Customer Success most of the time you think of your Customer Success team, but in many cases driving value comes long before the account management phase, it actually starts with your product. Many organizations will have a set of early adopter customers that they regularly communicate with when coming up with new features and requirements, however it’s often difficult to get a feel for your entire customer base.

    While ideas to improve your product’s customer experience are plentiful; practical, repeatable and successful ideas are not. Brian Murray, VP of Customer Experience at CoTap, has a new way to approach to building a great product with all of your customers in mind through a continuous cycle of identification, ideation, experimentation and institution.

    Watch the full session from Customer Success Summit.

    4 things to remember when building a product with Customer Success

    1. Know your maturity stage

    Understanding where you are is important to make decisions about how you should evolve your product. Early stage companies have the ability to try new things and move a lot more quickly through experimentation, while older companies may have to spend a bit more time trying to determine which experiments to try.

    2. Foster a culture of experimentation

    Adopt an “Angry Bird” process for developing your process where you aim (planning), fire (execute) and adjust. Based on your maturity, you will spend different amounts of time at each stage so that you can deliver the best results for your customer.

    3. Don’t be afraid to break some eggs

    When you are making changes with your product, you will end up upsetting some people, but you have to keep experimenting. The goal is to improve the experience for the majority of your users and for your business so you can’t let the loud minority dictate the direction of the product.

    4. Tune your instruments

    In order to be successful you have to have the right tools in place to collect the data you need. This means figuring out where the gaps are and finding solutions that can give you insights into your product, services and process. CoTap uses Totango to give a company wide view into how users actually engage with their product and different feature modules.

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