Portable defibrillator offers performance feedback to help save lives

The response time of emergency services plays a large part in the likelihood of surviving a serious trauma. Ensuring the right equipment on hand is one thing Germany’s Hohenstein Institute aimed to do with its portable cooling vest, and now US-based medical device manufacturer Zoll is going one step further with its AED Plus – a handheld defibrillator that also monitors users’ CPR technique and offers feedback to ensure they resuscitate patients correctly and increase their chances of saving lives.

The ‘Automated External Defibrillator’ is designed for use at the scene of a cardiac arrest, where it is necessary to attempt resuscitation before traveling to a hospital. The portable device provides all of the equipment needed for defibrillation, as well as sensors that monitor how well responders are performing CPR. Using audio and visual prompts, the machine detects if users are not pushing hard, fast or deep enough and provides a metronome to help resuscitators keep time. It also alerts them if they need to start or stop compressions.

The AED Plus has recently received Food and Drug Administration approval in the US and is now available to health professionals in both semi-automated and fully-automated versions. How else can user feedback be integrated into other medical equipment to increase the chances of survival for patients?

Website: www.zoll.com
Contact: www.zoll.com/contact/information-request

Spotted by: Smith Alan

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