Platform opens up today’s student research to businesses


It’s obvious that there’s a market for connecting graduates and businesses, but why wait until young people have finished their studies? We’ve already seen ideas such as ESADE Business School‘s speed-dating events for projects looking to hire relevant students before they’ve left college, and now Eulergy hopes to open up the research being carried out by current undergraduates and PhD students to businesses that could learn from their findings.

Students already working on dissertations and theses, or those who have a research project in mind that they believe could be of use to companies or nonprofits, can sign up to the service and list some details about their work. Businesses looking for some innovative thinking from young people interested in their specialist fields can then browse the site and connect to individuals with skills they can gain from. Students pay nothing to use the service, but companies who find useful research proposals will pay a fee to set up a connection with the authors — although for the moment Eulergy is in free beta. Businesses can then also arrange support and resources to help students complete their theses. Companies benefit from innovative research and a prospective employee or collaborator, while students gain much-needed financial backing and potential future employment.

Given that students and businesses each have something to offer the other, are there more ways the two can be easily connected for collaboration?


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