Platform makes videos touch-enabled and interactive

Few advertisers would deny the potential benefits of interactivity, yet bringing such capabilities to life on a broad scale can be a challenge. Enter Touchalize, a new touch-enabling platform from French Phonitive that gives marketers and other video makers a way to make their creations customizable and interactive.

Recently chosen to be a semi-finalist at LeWeb’12 Paris, Touchalize works on smartphone, tablet, computer and connected TV to make videos touch-enabled and interactive. Viewers of such videos can then view the content, touch and change any object, and then continue viewing. An advertisement for a car, for example, can be modified to allow the viewer to change the vehicle’s color; an image of a dress can be enhanced so that consumers can touch it and get details and purchase information. Viewers can even alter a video or ad to include their own image. The Dailymotion video below demonstrates the technology in action:

Interactivity in advertising has so far been more of an exception than a rule, but Touchalize promises to change all that. Marketers large and small: one to experiment with?


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