Planning Tools: The Event Manager’s Secret Weapon

Planning Tools: The Event Manager’s Secret Weapon image Event management1Planning Tools: The Event Manager’s Secret Weapon

Any project, no matter how small, can benefit enormously from efficient planning. Imagine what a house would look like if an architect hadn’t drawn up plans, and the construction company hadn’t arranged the logistics and labour to build it. Actually, don’t imagine just check out the Winchester Mystery House for a good idea. Worried? Good.

It’s too easy to get swept along in the excitement of putting an event together without utilising proper planning methods and tools, instead relying on a patchwork of spread sheets and documents held together with a bit of hope and luck. A good event management company understands the Five Ps of success: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. And so should you.

There is a staggering array of programs out there which can help you with planning your event, from free applications which will help you with brainstorming and task management to bespoke professional software that offers an integrated solution to all your needs. Which direction you choose to go in will depend on you and your event, but what’s important is to recognise that you need to use these tools if you’re to have a chance of succeeding.

Event Management

Planning Tools: The Event Manager’s Secret Weapon image EventPlanning Tools: The Event Manager’s Secret Weapon

An event management company will often use professional software written for the specific needs of event management. Such programs offer a centralised database which allows multiple users to make edits and additions to all manner of aspects relating to the event, from registration status and exhibitor lists to name badge generation. These programs also offer a bewildering amount of options for users to run reports and analyse relevant data on the event. They also allow you to automate the more mundane administrative aspects of the process, freeing you up to concentrate on other matters. Although such systems can be costly they can result in a huge increase in productivity and are well worth exploring.

If all you need are a few little tools to give you a kick-start, then there are many great programs available for free that can help. An online mind mapping app like Mind42 can let you collect all your ideas in one place, and because it runs in your web browser you can access it anywhere: from your phone in a café, your tablet in bed or (heaven forbid) your computer at your desk. It also lets you give multiple users access to your project, making it a powerful collaborative tool.

Online To Do Lists

Planning Tools: The Event Manager’s Secret Weapon image RememberPlanning Tools: The Event Manager’s Secret Weapon

A nifty bit of kit is Remember The Milk. This program is deceptively powerful, and can be integrated across your computer, phone and email and works both online and offline. Something as straightforward as a to-do list seems simplistic, but will help you ascertain goals, prioritise workload and give you a sense of achievement as you work through your list.

Online Project Management

If you want a project management tool then you should check out programs such as GannttProject, which lets you breakdown work flow and define project milestones as well as collaborate with others.

Of course, if the thought of all this makes you a bit light-headed then a good event management company can take away a lot of the stress from both the planning and implementation of your event. If you want things to run smoothly then you need to start planning, and planning properly, using the wide variety of tools and services that are out there to make your life easier and your event a success.

Here you can find out more about event management tools and software and you will be able to pull off some fantastic shows.

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