The New Pinterest Changes Marketers Need to Know

Pinterest is one of the hottest social media platforms out there. After it exploded in popularity in 2011, it has steadily continued to gain momentum and marketers have taken notice. Therefore, when the company announced it would be making some changes, we all wondered what they might be and how they would affect our social strategy. Like almost all of the other social platforms making changes in 2013, Pinterest has opted for bigger, crisper images, but that’s not all. There are a few changes you will probably dislike, but many you will like. Here’s a quick breakdown.

The Good:

-Related Pins will take over the entire left side of the opened pin

-There is a website button on top of the pinned item (making it easier for users to click-through)

-You can now opt-in to receive notifications for almost any action conducted on your Pinterest page (great for consumer outreach)

The Not-So-Good:

-You can no longer tweet a pin at the same time that you pin it

-The option to like a board on Facebook has been removed

Web Analytics:

-You must verify your business account before having access to analytics. Analytics will show:

  • Number of pins generated from your site (you could access this information previously)
  • Repins, impressions, reach + clicks from pins
  • Most recent, repinned + clicked pins from site
  • Number of pins + repins from your site over time and unique pinners
  • Number of impressions of those pins over time and related reach
  • Number of clicks on those pins over time and related unique visitors
  • Ability to export all data in a .csv file

So what do you think of the new Pinterest options? Despite the removal of some sharing options, we are encouraged by how the new Pinterest will perform for marketers. It should be easier to assess what kind of visual content your consumers interact with and share the most. Happy pinning, people!

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