Picnic basket triples as bike pannier and table set

We’ve already seen the swissRoomBox provide a way to turn cars into a motorhome by fitting a kitchen and shower into one multi-apparatus box. Taking a similar approach to the traditional picnic basket, the Springtime device can be transformed to fit onto a bike or expand into a table and chair set.

The brainchild of Dutch design startup Bloon, the Springtime takes the form of a standard picnic basket when in its normal configuration. It consists of two sections that hold the food and crockery for a picnic, which can be split apart to easily fit onto the back of a bicycle, in much the same way as a pannier. Once arrived at their destination, users can then unload their picnic and reconfigure the Springtime once more to reveal a table, with the two basket sections doubling as seats. The top of the basket is padded for comfort and comes in a variety of colors.

Although not yet available, Bloon aims to launch the device in May this year – just in time for the picnic season. How else could everyday items be rethought to add extra practicality?

Website: www.bloondesign.com
Contact: info@bloondesign.com

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