How’s Your Perspicacity?

How’s Your Perspicacity? image Vision Graphic for Perspicacity Blog Post e1361490560346How’s Your Perspicacity?

How’s Your Perspicacity?

This word has been rattling around in my head for several days now. I don’t know why it popped into my head because it is such a rarely used word. I was actually going to write about planning for the “P” installment of this 2013 alphabet series and I had another option with personal. But this word just won’t go away.

Perspicacity (also called perspicaciousness and perspicuity) is a penetrating discernment – a clarity of vision or intellect which provides a deep understanding and insight.[1] I like that definition and what it implies. The song “I can see clearly…” comes to mind. I like to think that I have clarity of vision, at least to a large extent, about my business: I’m out to help make small businesses bigger because I enjoy doing it, it keeps me young, I’m good at it and I like the money I earn doing it. And I’m gratified that my clients think that my intellect is sharp enough to provide them with good insights and ideas to help them grow their businesses.

Do you feel this kind of clarity of vision when it comes to your business? Is your vision written down, or, even better, posted prominently in your office where you can see it several times per day? A written vision is much more concrete than one held only in your mind and posting it is a great way to constantly keep it in mind as you decide what to do with your daily activities and each decision you must make.

My guess is that your clarity of intellect as it relates to what you do in your business is pretty good or you probably wouldn’t still be in business. Customers can be pretty picky about getting correct results, products that work and reliable services, and rightly so. Would you use someone a second time if you were disappointed with the results from that person the first time? Me neither.

I think being perspicacious is a pretty important trait to nurture. The more we know about what our clients and customers want, the better we can serve them and the more likely they are to become repeat clients or customers. And that is a good thing if our vision for the business we are in includes growing it.

Thanks for reading. Your thoughts and comments, as always, are most welcome.

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