Would You Pay Extra for an Online Ad Expert? Some Reasons Why You Should Consider It

A lot of people profess to be online ad experts. From running simple Adwords and Facebook campaigns to complex conversion tracking and Google’s elusive quality score, there’s a lot to know to get the most of your online ad dollars. We hear many say they are natural DIYers. While that may be effective and cost saving in other areas of your business, with marketing of any type, it can be dangerous and costly. Marketing seems to be a necessary evil to some business owners. Those that don’t directly measure results tend to be skeptical and even distrustful of agencies and marketers. The ones that do see positive ROI, and keep us in business.

So when do you step back and let the pros manage your online advertising? Its different for everyone, but read below and see where you fall in the knowledge curve.

An expert knows the complex landscape of online advertising.
The landscape of online advertising has become extremely complex. Even simplified solutions like Google Adwords can prove to be confusing to a novice. There are so many variables to consider, such as CPM vs CPC, RTB, Quality Score, Keyword Matching Options, and how to access the different channels. Now attempt to try to decide which goals and objectives are best for your business. An expert knows how to navigate through the online advertising landscape and how to find the best opportunities to target the best customers for your business.

You have limited time to learn new systems and interfaces
Google Adwords isn’t difficult to use, but there is definitely a learning curve involved to use it well. It takes time to learn, and skill to use it correctly. Facebook is a very simple platform to use, but also has the lowest click through rates. And there are many different methods to purchasing display advertising, from managed placements on Google to contacting media sales reps and ad exchanges. All of these things take time away from the other crucial things that you need to be doing as a business owner or marketing manager.

An expert knows the benefits of each online channel and how to maximize ROI
Search, display, Facebook, mobile…all are very relevant channels, but each has different pros and cons. It takes experience to be able to tailor a plan that will bring in the maximum ROI for your business. Remember, although you may have ads running in different channels (for example search, Facebook and mobile), they should work together to drive clicks, sales and conversions. Because every business is unique, there is not one cookie cutter solution. An online expert knows the benefits of each channel and more importantly, how to use them to work together to boost performance.

They will be there for you
Have you ever tried to call Google about a campaign or platform question? What about Facebook? A good online professional will be there to support you throughout your campaign, and address any issues or concerns that come up. Many of the online platforms are difficult to understand, but an expert is versed in working in multiple platforms and know the best ways of communicating with them. If there is something that doesn’t seem to be working correctly within your campaign, an expert will know the best way to get you back on track, and they will take care of it for you as efficiently as possible.

If you decide to seek out online marketing experts to give you the ROI that justifies the effort, make sure that they manage campaigns that help you attain your goals: driving clicks, conversions and sales that measurably build your business.

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