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    4 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Cubs’ 2015 Season

    The Chicago Cubs aren’t just a local phenomenon anymore — they are taking the country by storm. As someone who lives two blocks from Wrigley and has... More »

    3 Key Lessons That Contributed to My Success as an Entrepreneur

    People ask me how I knew so young what I wanted to do with my life. Honestly, I never had a clue. I never knew that I wanted to be a telemarketer, a... More »

    The Art Of Pitching For Non-Salesy Entrepreneurs

    It’s the part of the sales process we all love. It’s when we’re finally able to tell the prospect why they should buy our product or service. It’s... More »

    5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need To Use Social Media

    Are you taking full advantage of the benefits social media has to offer? Whether you are in the startup stage or ten years into your entrepreneurial... More »

    Walking the Line of Innovation and Order in a Growing Startup

    gothamCulture is a little too old to still be referring to ourselves as a startup, but even as we have evolved and scaled, the startup spirit remains... More »

    Why I Quit My Job to Become an Investor and Entrepreneur

    Do you look forward to getting the weekend started every Friday afternoon? Do you treasure the excitement and pleasure that the weekend brings, only... More »

    Startup resolves customer service issues for free

    Add / Remove Most people hate contacting customer services to make complaints, so it is no surprise that we have seen a number of businesses — such... More »

    Short-term loans for Kenyan entrepreneurs through mobile banking

    Add / Remove In Kenya, traditional banking methods are being superseded by mobile banking apps such as M-PESA, which allow users to pay bills,... More »

    4 Reasons 'Alternative Financing' May Be Right for Your Business

    So you’ve been turned down for a bank loan. Or perhaps you heard you would be, so you didn’t even apply. Join the club.Related: Why Alternative... More »

    To Encourage Crowdfunding, Change the Definition of an Investment Company

    Since June, non-accredited investors have been allowed to make equity investments through crowdfunding portals under Title IV of the Jump Start Our... More »

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