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    Too Busy for the Gym? Try This 15-Minute Office Exercise Routine Instead

    By Gina Parenzan Can’t get to the gym because of a last-minute meeting or conference call? Sticking to your exercise regimen requires constancy and... More »


    12 Venture Capitalists Share How Startups Get Their Attention

    Entrepreneurs seeking funding always wonder what they must do to impress a venture capitalist. In this article, a number of prominent venture... More »


    The 10 Commandments for Obtaining Angel Funding for Your Start-Up

    To get angel investors to invest in your start-up, you have to make sure you understand their motivation. You also have to make yourself stand out... More »


    The True Value of Mentorship

    When you ask accomplished business owners how they achieved success, many will say they had a mentor who helped guide them throughout their business... More »


    4 Reasons We Pay for Our Employees’ Netflix Accounts (and you should too)

    Last week our company rolled out a new set of perks that aren’t what you typically see on a benefits list. Going forward we’ll be paying... More »


    5 Phrases That Should NEVER Be in Your Business Vocabulary

    It seems as though communication in business should be an easy concept to understand and quite straightforward. A customer asks a question and... More »


    10 Ways to Improve Your Life by Starting Your Own Business

    There are a lot of articles out there that talk about why you should become an entrepreneur. Sure, you get freedom, can do what you love, and make... More »


    Alternative Financing for Small Business Owners

    Are you getting ready to grow your small business? I hope so—all economic signs are pointing up, and many recent surveys show entrepreneurs are... More »


    4 Traits That Your Dog And Your Best Customers Share

    You might think dogs are an unlikely source of inspiration for your customers, but you’d be surprised how similar they can be. I don’t... More »


    11 Best Business Travel Hacks

    You can never have enough tricks for saving time, money, and sanity, whether you’re up in the air or on the road. That’s why we asked 11... More »

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